I am very happy with my reps work. She is always working hard to make sure the questions I have are answered and the complaints my tenants may have are addressed as soon as possible.
Lisa B.

We have now been a client of Excellence RE Elite Properties for over a year now and continue to be amazed how my property manager and her staff live up to their slogan: “Your Rental Property Should be a Second Income, Not a Second Job!”

I really appreciate their uncanny ability to listen to what my wife and I expect from them, and then they go do. There are no problems with my property manager, only solutions. Her infectious enthusiasm permeates throughout the company which leads to thoughtful, strategic solutions and not problems dumped at out door to solve.

We are very comfortable with my property manager managing our income properties and know that she is looking out for the best interest of the property and its ability to generate income. We appreciate that she is level headed when obtaining quotes for repairs which save time and money. She is more than willing to go outside of her comfort zone to pursue additional bids if needed in order to get the best fit for the particular property.

Overall, I highly recommend my property manager and Excellence RE Elite Properties TEAM to anyone whom needs competent management of their income property, where… ‘Your Rental Property Should be a Second Income…. Not a Second Job!’
Gerry M.

I am extremely satisfied with Excellence RE Elite Properties. The service is excellent and reliable.
James S.

It was our first experience, getting a rental property and rent it out. Excellence RE Elite Properties has been so helpful. Their compassion, insight and direction made it all possible to make it happen. Thank You
Donnie Y.

Excellence RE Elite Properties helped me a lot to handle my condo, and has taken very good care of it and handled the tenants complaints. Our rep is easy going and very warm hearted.
Maggie H.